IMU/ICMI Pipeline Project

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This project aims to conduct an international survey of the progression of students in mathematics in order to understand how these progressions change over time and what forces influence such changes. In its current stage data is being collected from eight countries around four transition points. The countries are:
New Zealand,
United Kingdom, and
The transition points are:
A) From school to undergraduate programmes
B) From undergraduate programmes to higher degrees in mathematics.
C) From university to the workforce
D) From university to teacher education.

Pipeline Co-ordinator: Bill Barton
Pipeline Analyst: Louise Sheryn

Research Overview

  • Including: a description of the project; the structure of this site;
    background documentation; minutes of relevant meeting
  • This contains all presentations and published documents emerging from the Pipeline Pilot project so far.
  • Initial analysis of data collection
  • Data on students transitioning from school to undergraduate programmes.
  • Data about students transitioning form undergraduate programmes to postgraduate programmes.
  • Data about the transition of university students into the workforce.
  • Data and Information about the transition of university students into teaching
  • This page contains the data from A), B), C), and D) above re-organised by the eight countries involved in the project. There are also links to other relevant parts of the site.
  • Details of where all the data came from

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